It’s dangerous to search for an old flame you never got over. What if you find him-and he doesn’t remember you? In her captivating new novel, Susan Shapiro explores the perils of revisiting past passion. Lila Penn leaves Wisconsin for graduate school in the big city, where she falls for her professor Daniel Wildman. Decades after their tangled link, she arranges a tête-à-tête in downtown Manhattan. But the shocking encounter blindsides Lila, causing her to question her memory-and sanity. Switching between Greenwich Village and Tel Aviv, the saga unravels the sexual secret that’s haunted Daniel and Lila for thirty years.


“Frank, darkly funny, entertaining…”
-New York Times Book Review

“A promiscuously readable guilty pleasure…”
-Elle Magazine

“Sly, candid, disarming…”
-Pam Houston

“Shapiro’s voice is so passionate and honest,
it’s bewitching.”
-Erica Jong

“Irresistible energy, winning humor…
breathtakingly frank honesty.”
-Philip Lopate

-Gael Greenereal